Our mission

The scroll you need – saying bye to mindless and hello to meaningful.

At Auxo, we’re changing the world of social media by amplifying meaningful messages for widespread impact. Auxo was born out of a craving for thought-provoking, substance-based content, where genuine community can thrive, and newsfeeds can become newsworthy.

Our Vision

Think less polished posts, less ego, and more meaningful content. In the midst of cat memes, dance trends and product pushing, it’s a mission that’s more necessary now than ever before.

We're here to make every post count, one nugget of wisdom at a time.

Who we are

Our Founder

With a background running the digital visuals of British Vogue, being head of socials within the the founding team of Taster.com, and an indepth fascination of both under-known wisdom and the inner workings of social algorithms, it's only natural Auxo's nucleus is the mission it is today.

Lauren’s personal mission manifests through her socials, where she empowers and inspires women to live out their most liberated life. Through her worldwide travels, she’s witnessed firsthand the strength in diverse perspectives and brings this to Auxo by assembling a team from around the globe. 

Meet the team

Our Squad

We're a tight-knit remote team spread across the map, working from where our team is both happiest and most productive. With our mission driving our purpose, and a sense of curiosity and determination propelling us forward, our core team ensures you’ve got the right people and skills to support you, match you with creatives based on your needs and goals, and provide hands on team members who drive your strategy to ultimately revolutionise social feeds as we know them.

Alisha Sernetz
Social Media Manager
Dario Palazzo
Social Media Manager
Emily Gray
Senior Copywriter
Lauren Barnett
Content Creator
Maddy Mcniven
Content Creator