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Know your niche but need help reaching your audience? Just starting to build out your content but need direction? Whatever your social needs and dreams are–we’ve got you covered.

We specialize in promoting knowledge on platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok, with a specific speciality on short-form video content and owning a niche on TikTok.

Our Services

Coaching Services

For those that have the manpower, creativity and time in-house, we’ll be offering one-on-one coaching, digital courses, products, and online webinars.


• TikTok Training Webinar - How To Nail Your Niche (4th December - Next Free Session)


• Finding And Owning Your Niche On TikTok In 12 Weeks (Waitlist now open)

• Building your personal brand on Social Media

• Guide to TikTok Influencer Marketing

• 1-2-1 Sessions / Power Hours with Lauren


• Cross platform Social Media planner on Notion

• Reporting layout

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